Why Fyfy?

3 min readMay 9, 2021


‘It’s Saturday night and you’re having a long-anticipated date night with your spouse. Everything is ready before your spouse is arriving, when you suddenly remember that music is missing. Your free trial on Spotify has expired and you’re searching for that love hitlist which you know your spouse would be delighted to listen to. You don’t want anything to ruin your efforts for this evening, especially those annoying interruptions by commercials in the free version. For one evening or few hours 9,99 euros feels salty price since you know that you don’t use it after this evening. Well, your only option is to swallow your annoyance and pay the price. Unless, if there was an option like Fyfy, you could only pay just for the minutes you use.’

At Fyfy we believe that everyone should pay for services only according to their use

Every day around the world people pay for monthly subscriptions and full price for their use of different services. Each time when a new service is opened or a transaction made, people are facing a dilemma making a decision between the cost of services and how much they are actually using it.

International payments are more expensive and slower than local payments. Micro payments under one euro are hardly profitable for companies because of high transfer fees. With current solutions, one euro is the smallest possible purchase amount. This prevents markets for businesses where smaller payments would be essential.

Fyfy became as an innovation answering this issue. By using Fyfy, you can get all the best features of all kinds of services, but you only Pay Per Use™, as our slogan says.

Transferring money internationally should be as easy as sending email

Lack of an internationally functioning payment system provides us a possibility to offer a solution which brings comparative advantage compared to traditional banks. We’re living revolutionary times, where decentralized financing innovations are replacing so-called old-school methods. Fyfy will offer all necessary features to fulfill current and future market needs.

Fyfy API is an easily integrated and free extension to meet the customer’s need in a purchase process and to manage micro payments. It’s a service for businesses, freelancers and other users who need to carry out micro payments. At the same time, whereas our blockchain technology decreases transfer fees significantly, it also enables transfer between countries in only seconds.

We’re also offering Fyfy Wallet which is an internationally functioning quick, safe, easy and user-friendly wallet to receive payments.

Our mission is to unite all world currencies into one and make its use acceptable and simple everywhere

Paper money is last season and also other traditional payment methods are being taken over by better mechanisms. With Fyfy, you won’t need to worry about different currencies and making payments everywhere will be easy, time and cost saving with the use of only one service.

Our vision is that majority of world population uses our currency as their primary vehicle for value transfer

Fyfy will be a revolutionary payment system, offering fast, safe and user-friendly transactions around the world. With Fyfy you will never miss out on anything important in your life and never pay more than you use.

That’s why Fyfy.

Jenna / Fyfy.io

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Fyfy is revolutionizing payment system offering fast, safe and user-friendly transactions around the world. With Fyfy you only ‘Pay Per Use’.™